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“I get to watch my body transform into one that I’ve wanted for so long”

Before I started working with Julian, I was skeptical that lifting weights was the direction I needed to take in order to get the body I desired. I have been a ballet dancer my entire life, and the thought of being a bulky ballerina was less than appealing to me. Luckily, my hesitations quickly diminished. Until around 7 months ago, I always believed in common fitness myths such as:

“Women lifting heavy weights turn out bulky and masculine”

“Nothing tones up a body more than a solid 4 hour run on the elliptical” (exaggeration)

“Want to lose weight? Stop Eating!”

If it says ‘light’ it must be better for you”

Every single one of these myths has been thrown out the window. I’m now lifting weights on a regular basis that I never even looked at before while at the gym. The workouts were foreign to me, but they were (and still are) new and exciting. He works with your needs as well as your goals. Furthermore, he is always available outside the gym for advice and consultations if needed. The services go further than simply having a trainer because he offers nutritional knowledge and lifestyle tips that help you through the process.

After spending years using colored 3-5lbs weights, starving myself, running endlessly on treadmills, and seeing minimal results, I can say Alex Testimonial Picwithout a doubt that Julian’s methods have completely shifted the way I view working out. I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve seen over the course of a few months. The workouts are always fresh, I haven’t touched a treadmill once, I get to eat large and fulfilling meals, and most importantly, I get to watch my body transform into one that I’ve wanted for so long. If you want to work with someone who is passionate about fitness and who can make it effective and enjoyable, I’d recommend him.

Alex Murphy-Ballet Dancer



“I’m 34 and in the best shape of my life”

My name is Travis and words simply cannot describe how Julian at 206 Fitness has changed my life. I’ve never been one that consistently went to the gym until I started training with Julian. I used to go to the gym and just do cardio and by that I mean I would just run on the treadmill. In the past 8 months, I have met Julian three times a week and with his knowledge and expertise, I have learned how to properly lift weights, lose fat, gain muscle mass and eat right all while having a well balanced social life.

I’m 34 and in the best shape of my life. I feel better, I look better, and have gained the self confidence I needed. I am living life and loving every second of it! Julian, you’ve changed my life and I am forever thankful!!! travis pic old travis pic


Travis Hailey- Senior Accountant